SVA Continuing Education Course



Art Director, Graphic Designer


Gabriela Rodriguez, Copywriter


Visual Branding, Packaging Design, Advertising, Concept

The Paprika Kitchen was a concept for a space with cooking classes and a boutique market in Brooklyn. The task was to create a brand for a business of our own creation stemming from a randomly selected food word. I saw a desire from many of my friends to have a space where they could learn cooking skills that go beyond the basics and reduce on food waste when cooking for one.


The Paprika Kitchen would be a space for people to not only learn to cook a delicious meal for one, but also socialize with like-minded individuals. I created a logo that translated across the physical space onto things like recipe cards and aprons. Advertisements show off the social side of cooking and use social channels to hit the company’s target demographic. A secondary, more traditional logo was created to be used for the market on signage and food packaging.

Designs for The Paprika Kitchen cooking class

Advertising for The Paprika Kitchen

Copywriting by Gabriela Rodriguez

Designs for The Paprika Kitchen market space