The NYTMag Rebrand

March 7, 2016

New York Magazine, a century old publication, recently went through a rebrand in order to function better in the modern digital space. The magazine has altered everything from page layout to the logo, abbreviated social media logos, and typefaces. However, the design team made a point to make the redesign in keeping with the feel of the print version and previous digital versions, rather than becoming something completely unique for the internet. They were able to do so effectively with the use of minimal modern updates and innovative design thinking.


The Logo

While the new logo design might not appear to be drastically different, the added kerning in the letters gives the logo a more readable look for the website and makes it feel slightly more modern. 


Social Media Updates

Social media is a necessity for journalism in the modern digital era. The condensed version of the logo fits well within the confines of a profile image and aids the magazine in in building their web presence.


Type Faces

New fonts for the site include everything from a clean, modern sans serif to a slab serif, a slightly traditional serif, and a transitional serif. Each typeface was newly created for NYTMag and have never been seen before. They work together to give the site a more distinct literary feel, in contrast with it's journalistic parent company.


Page Layouts & Column Overhauls


In order to bridge bridge the gap between being solely a print publication and being effective in the digital landscape, the magazine also rethought how they organized their columns and even made one popular print column into a podcast.


Overall, The New York Times Magazine effectively rebranded for the modern web without losing sight of their original image.

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