A Visit to the Studio: Ronik Design

November 18, 2015

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to visit the Ronik Design studio in Brooklyn with some of my classmates. Ronik Design was co-founded by current Hofstra professor, Nicole Barth, Creative Director for Ronik.


She spoke passionately about her team and the work that they do. The agency grew from three people in 2011 to a team of 10 designers and developers. Barth credits this small, purposeful growth of the company to picking team members thoughtfully. Everyone on the Ronik team was chosen not only for their skills, but also for their fit within the Ronik “family.” Passion and drive to learn new skills are more important than a perfect portfolio when joining the Ronik team.


Barth spoke quite a bit about how the team finds projects and works to complete them. Almost all of the projects Ronik takes on are through networking and word of mouth. Clients don’t necessarily just Google search a design agency and happen upon Ronik, most of the time, they are given a recommendation from someone who knows the work Ronik does. Every project that Ronik works on becomes something unique and the team never shys away when a client is interested in creating something they have never done before.


While completing projects, everything is organized through project management systems and employees are able to work on different aspects of various projects at the same time. No one at the company is stuck in working on only one area of a project, but rather encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and work on something that they may never have before.


After hearing Barth speak about her team and the work that they do, I was inspired by her passion and how much she puts into every aspect of he work life. The afternoon reminded me of the importance of always pursuing new projects and learning new skills. Being in the mindset of constantly growing is something that will help you flourish throughout your career.

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