What Do Designers Really Do?

October 14, 2015

“I’m a design major.”


“So is that, like fashion design?”


This is what I hear on a regular basis, when I don’t explicitly say my major is graphic design. Even when I do, people still tend to be befuddled as to what my classes entail or what career I want to pursue. These lines become even more blurred when you delve into the real world of designers and what they do day to day.


While most people may have a better understanding of what traditional graphic designers do at say print magazines or with website development, there is currently an influx of design jobs in the tech industry focused on UX and UI design.

Now what the heck are those?


UX (user experience) and UI (user interface design) have become popular with tech companies looking to create well design interfaces for screens to take their brand to the next level. An article on FastCo. Design outlines all that UX/UI design entails, as well as their subcategories. While the article goes into more details, here are the major points for each design category:


  1. UX Designer: Concerned with how the product feels.

  2. UI Designer: Works on the layout of the product.

  3. Visual Designer (a.k.a. Graphic Designer): “Pushing pixels” and creating beautiful layouts, icons, controls, and other visual elements. 

  4. Interaction Designer (a.k.a. Motion Desinger): Deal with what the interface does after the user touches it.

  5. UX Researcher: Researches what the user wants and needs.

  6. Front End Developer: Create a functional implementation of the user interface that the UI designer ideates.

  7. Product Designer: Generally involved in the creation of the look and feel of the product.










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