Calendars For Color Lovers

September 11, 2015

Design lovers and organization freaks, rejoice! Color-of-the-day calendars are now available.


The new color swatch calendar, which I first came across in a Fast Co. article, is a play on the traditional one-a-day calendar. Instead of cheesy quotes, though, each day features a different CMYK color. The colors of each day that make up the week are curated to make a unified color palate.


In addition to the weekly given color palates, people can save days with colors that they like and pin them with other swatches to make unique palates for themselves.


As someone who loves organization and color coding everything, this seems like something I would enjoy. However, the calendar has no functionality. It is small, and though very cute, it is not practical to write any reminders on.


Overall, I like the idea of the calendar, and would probably buy it for someone as a gift, if it wasn’t $45. Come on, I’m a broke college student.

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