Creatives Will Come Out On Top

August 20, 2014

“Why are you trying to go into a creative field? What are you going to do with a fine arts major? You’re good with computers, you should go into a technology based field. There are more jobs and money there.”


Any student in a creative field of study has surely heard something similar to this. I know I certainly have many times, from friends and family alike, but no matter how many times I hear it, I like my odds in the creative field.


That is because designers are becoming the new force behind entrepreneurialism. Creativity is at the heart of any successful business and entrepreneurs are just now beginning to realize this. Combining the old ways of business capitalism and design thinking into creative startups to increase the success rate of venture capitalism. The examples of prosperous companies started by individuals with design degrees, ranging from YouTube to Vimeo to Slideshare, just add fuel to the creativity fire. Using creative thinking in entrepreneurism is a promising new way to increase innovation, better understand cultural needs, and follow a passion while at the same time pursing a practical career.

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