Make Your Own Makeup

May 7, 2014

Most women would jump at the chance to create their own makeup. Having their perfect shade at the click of a button, not spending $10 or more every time they want to try something new, and not even leaving their bedroom for this. This is soon to become a reality while also altering the makeup market for consumers and producers alike.


A new, at-home 3D printer is set to launch in late 2014. Called The Mink, this mini printer lets consumers choose a hex code of any color and print through any program from Photoshop to Paint. The Mink creates a pigment which can be mixed into a substrate similar to what most main-stream makeup is created with.

While in theory the 3D printer seems as though it would be fantastic for any makeup wearer looking to be more creative or save money in the long term, but does it have enough variety to keep consumers interested? It may only make a certain type of makeup, such as eye shadow and blush, but not lipstick and concealer. At the same point, many people are loyal to certain brands because of certain ingredient they do or do not put in their products. It may not be possible for The Mink to provide as much variety as is desired in the makeup market. Though, for now, it seems as if it could be a revolution in makeup.



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