Don't Take No For An Answer

March 4, 2014

Founders of Birchbox, Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp never gave up on an innovative idea that they were passionate about, even when they heard “no” many times before “yes." Birchbox, a revolution in the beauty products industry, is an impeccably curated, monthly subscription for people looking to receive samples of new beauty products. It is highly beneficial to not only the consumer, but also to companies attempting to position new products in the marketplace.


While hearing “It’s never been done before in this way… Why should I change the rules for an unproven concept?” may deter some, it only strengthened Barna and Beuchamp’s drive to succeed. Three concepts which the founders lived by while their company was growing can translate to almost any new startup. Not only this, but these ideas can be applied to any college student’s internship search. Here’s how:


1. Never Hear No. Don’t look at a rejection as a total defeat. If you hear no from one company, keep applying elsewhere. Ask the internship coordinator, if possible, what you could improve upon in the future or what they were looking for that you may have lacked. Use this information to move forward, develop your skills, and enhance those qualities which recruiters are looking for.


2. Be A True Partner. Don’t pretend to know all the answers and don’t be afraid to reach out and ask questions of those who will be reviewing your application. Have a complete understanding of what is expected from the internship and make it clear that you are willing to put everything into the position.


3. Don’t Get Too Far Ahead of Yourself. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and take a few no’s as an ultimate failure. The importance of internships for undergraduates is pressed upon students at every turn. While these experiences are incredibly important, not getting the exact internship at the “perfect” time will not make or break a career. It simply means you need to improve upon something to make yourself the best applicant you can be. By utilizing all your skills and being genuinely engaged in any internship, you can truly make strides in the right direction.


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